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Tabuchi Electric launches in North America

ABOUT: Leading solar inverter manufacturer Tabuchi Electric began working with Antenna during the summer of 2015. Tabuchi had been a household name in Japan for more than ninety years, but was preparing to enter the North American market for the first time with a new solar-plus-storage product. Well-recognized competitors, including Tesla's Powerwall, made it imperative that we introduce & differentiate Tabuchi from the beginning. My work began with investigative research - we interviewed Tabuchi executives, identified common themes in their stories, and decided to shine a spotlight on Tabuchi's rich tapestry of successes in the inverter industry. My team and I also prepared for the product launch by developing a press release, securing interviews and driving media conversations around relevant solar and energy storage trends. 

PROJECT TYPE: Public Relations  

ROLE: Account Manager | Project Manager 


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