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User Research, UX/UI

2018 UX Internship at General Motors


PROJECTS: In this 12-week internship, I worked with the Maven UX and Product teams within the larger General Motors Urban Active organization. I led two major project initiatives. First, I supported the company’s Peer-to-Peer service launch with in-depth field research, usability testing, and brand design. Second, I led an interdisciplinary team of interns in the redesign of a system tool for the company’s Maven Gig service.

DURATION: 12 weeks

TOOLS: Sketch, Illustrator,, InVision





1. How might we redesign the inspection process to give time back to Maven Gig drivers and service more customers across markets?

2. How might we uphold GM’s safety standards, while also making it easy for Peer-to-Peer drivers to access keys in cars that require them to start?




The Peer-to-Peer project started with communication across design and engineering teams. Working closely with 2 engineers, I developed low-fidelity prototypes and a usability testing protocol that was followed by user interviews and in-vehicle testing. There were 3 key findings in our research that resulted in design iterations which focused on proactive troubleshooting, ultimately easing pressure on the customer support team.

In the second project, the Maven Gig inspection redesign, I led a small team through the full gamut of the design process: user research, synthesis, ideation, prototyping, user testing, and implementation. Our team developed both an MVP and Moonshot solution that saved Gig field workers 5-7 minutes per reservation. The Moonshot design was added to the product prioritization list for developers.

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