Building a digital campaign for ClimateSTRONG

ABOUT: I applied to be an Organizing for Action (OFA) Digital Content Production Fellow four years after serving as a field organizer for Obama in 2012. I understood field strategy & now I had an opportunity to see how a digital campaign worked in support of those efforts. For my  final project as an OFA fellow, I produced content for a fictional advocacy group called ClimateSTRONG. I developed a ClimateSTRONG digital campaign around the recent news that Obama had designated the first marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean. The overarching goal was to support ClimateSTRONG's efforts to fight climate change and call out climate deniers. Given the task of raising $50,000 and bringing in 100 new volunteers in key states, I spearheaded a campaign that targeted college students and young professionals and amplified Obama's call to #protectouroceans.  

PROJECT TYPE: Digital Campaign | Grassroots Campaign  

ROLE: Digital Content Producer

Research: Why is this marine national monument significant? 

OFA has meticulously tested their digital strategy through dozens of campaigns and million of supporters. The first thing you learn as a digital organizer is the importance of being timely when developing both a proactive and reactive campaign. The #protectouroceans campaign that I created was in response to news that Obama had announced the first marine national monument. My first step was to research the marine area Obama was preserving and then more broadly, learn why that was important effort for the health and safety of our collective futures. During this period of research, I realized that oceans are one of the few places on earth that are not owned by anyone. They are vast, and they are all of ours. This is why I developed #protectouroceans, an integrated digital campaign that helped ClimateSTRONG meet organizational goals.  


Mobilize Supporters: Developing an email campaign

Email is the most personal form of communication used on digital campaigns. Not only is it direct to supporters' inboxes, but it allows for more targeted content than social media. I developed a three emails that targeted college students and young professionals. Each email had a different "ask", but all identified the "what" and the "why" up front. There is nothing worse than reading a long, drawn out campaign email! That's why short and sweet storytelling is key to helping organizations like ClimateSTRONG achieve their goals. 


Engage a wider audience: Producing a variety of content for social media

The next step was to develop a social media campaign that would reach both supporters and people outside the Climate STRONG supporter network. The goal is to engage & move people up the latter of engagement. This means developing content that invites people to engage at a variety of levels. For example, if you're already a supporter you are more willing to give money than someone who has never heard of ClimateSTRONG before. The lowest forms of engagement are sharing, liking and retweeting, while the highest forms are donating money and volunteering. The following action-oriented social media campaign is designed to engage students and young professionals through education and delight.