Creating a conversational user interface via DialogFlow

The first assignment in my IxD prototyping class was to build a conversational user interface using Dialogflow. We started by developing digital task flows and getting familiar with the software. Next, we built out the entities and intents for one specific task flow. I really liked playing with the "small talk" feature, which makes that bot feel more human. It was also interesting to see machine learning at work. The more I interacted with my bot, the more it understood what I wanted...even if I made a verbal mistake. 

Conversational interactions have emerged to allow us to keep our hands free so we can do more than one thing at once. We can initiate a call while we’re driving without touching our phone, order items for a party next week while we’re cooking dinner, or add an event to our calendar while we’re getting ready in the morning.


Ordering Pizza from Pizza Hut.png

Hungry? Order with the Pizza Maker bot.

Carlie Guilfoile