Hi, I'm Carlie Guilfoile. I am a user experience designer, storyteller and community organizer hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while earning a Masters in Design at Carnegie Mellon

I am fascinated with how digital and physical design affects behavior – and vice versa. What makes people loyal to a product, store or political candidate? How might we better understand people's needs & desires in order to build solutions that tackle urban challenges, such as access to transportation or health care? My passion for user-centered design grew from my genuine interest in people, sustainability and desire for social change. 

Before returning to school for design, I explored these interests as an Obama campaign field organizer, a digital director for a successful San Francisco board of education race and a senior communications executive for clean energy technology companies. In these roles, I became keenly aware of how technology, relationships and day-to-day experiences shape habits and perceptions of the world. Today, design allows me to dig into nebulous social challenges, ask tough questions and create meaningful experiences for everyday people.    

Interests & Expertise

Inclusive Design | Behavioral Economics | Cities | EnergyTransportation Tech | Social Policy | Healthcare